The Midtown Atlanta community has a rich and growing set of resources available for innovators. This includes datasets and live data feeds for all aspects of the community.

This is not a static resource. We are constantly updating this collection. Please let us know if you find data that is out of date or if you have suggestions for additional data that would be useful or if you have data to contribute. If it there is something else we could provide to make your ideas successful then we want to help!

  • Midtown Alliance Events and Points of Interest. This site provides API instructions for accessing the real-time events feed for the Midtown Alliance.
  • Event APIs - Soket

  • Energy Star Certified Buildings - Spreadsheet
  • EV Charging Stations - Spreadsheet with locations of level 1 and level 2 chargers.
  • LEED Certification - Spreadsheet of certified buildings including certification level.
  • Rainwater Harvesting - Spreadsheet indicating locations, capacities and primary uses for each installation.

  • GT Journey Data Sources for the Georgia Tech Community. This site provides detailed API instructions for accessing data specific to Georgia Tech include people, places, and campus transportation.
  • Govathon Data Sources - Govathon is the City of Atlanta Hackathon. This site has numerous links to Atlanta area data resources.
  • Sustainable Atlanta provides resources and project ideas through efforts like Look Up Atlanta

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