TRY / USE / TEST emerging applications and services to enhance the Midtown Experience. Our goal is to provide an ‘insiders view’ of the neighborhood and this is our sandbox for showcasing innovative ideas. Please try / use / test and provide feedback! Let us know if you know of something we should feature.

Applications featured below include our Midtown Buzz mobile application – which includes augmented reality experiences overlaid across the Midtown neighborhood. Check out the OneBusAway application for realtime schedule information for public transportation, or enjoy a bike ride while alerting city planners of road conditions through Cycle Atlanta.

Come back frequently for updates on applications and services, as well as insights from our workshops and hackathons.




Midtown Buzz Mobile is a mobile gateway to a variety of Midtown applications. Embedded in the site are mixed reality experiences, leveraging local ‘taste makers’ who tell the stories of the neighborhood. What will be built on that empty lot? See the architect’s rendering of the new building. Have a day to explore? Follow the recommendations of Atlanta Bike Coalition. The site incorporates web elements in an augmented reality browser to give users an inside look at some of the stories and developments in the Midtown area. You can view videos, articles, photos, and other media presented over a 360 degree panorama of Midtown locations. If you're at the locations featured, you can turn off the provided panorama image and experience the augmented reality with your device's real view camera.



Our Favorite Community Applications

Cycle Atlanta OneBusAway Argon Midtown Buzz
Record and share your bicycle trips to make Atlanta a better place to ride. Real-time transit information for the Atlanta region and beyond. An open-standards augmented reality browser that brings the web into the world around you. Mobile gateway to a variety of Midtown applications, including mixed reality experiences.


Community Event Recaps

Midtown Buzz Midtown Buzz Midtown Buzz Midtown Buzz
Storytelling Hackathon, February 7-9, 2014 Google Glass Design Sprint on Urban Storytelling, February 6, 2014 Developer's Workshop Gallery, October 15, 2013 Midtown Buzz Hackathon, September 13, 2013



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