Winners Announced for Midtown Buzz Mobile Storytelling Hackathon

IPaT and Midtown Alliance recently hosted the Midtown Buzz - Storytelling Hackathon, February 7th - 9th. Participants built teams and pitched their ideas for mobile applications. Here are the winners in each category:

video - team presentations | video - winners announced

Community Engagement:
Intersections – Joshua Kimball & Shaun Mosley

Intersections is about leveraging social media check-ins and a novel approach of user identification to map popular trends of diverse groups, such as beginning Spanish speakers, New Yorkers in Midtown, or Thai food lovers. Intersections attempts to enable users to understand how their “communities,” in the broadest sense, map into their physical community/neighborhood. The intent is to bring people together on their commonalities quicker than chance alone would.  web page | pdf

Commercial Engagement:
Storyoke: Make History – Ryan Kerwin, Laurie Marion, Rob Skipworth and Giancarlo Valentin

Storyoke: Make History is an app that allows users to tell the stories of Midtown's history through the improvisational fun of karaoke. Users visit historical sites and receive a script that they can interpret and record as they see fit.  web page

Technology Innovation:
Flicky - Samrat Ambadekar, Ceara Byrne, Brighton Vino Jegaraja, Rob Solomon, Nikhil Siva, Mithila Tople

Flicky is an app that allows users to explore new places, pick up trails left by friends and flick to share some of their own.  web page | video

People's Choice:
Midtown Neverland – Terry Allen & Michael Flanigan

Users of Midtown Neverland can create a physical ground all around Midtown that allows both young and old to enjoy the city and never grow up.  web page


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